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5 Helpful Ways Web Help You in Your Marriage

Tuesday October 27th

The nerve-wrenching event of wedding tends to take its toll on us. The unending list of tasks and errands keep our mind occupied and we end up feeling frustrated and hapless. From matchmaking and wedding planning to shopping and hectic wedding events, you have to act like a juggler without breaking a sweat. For anyone who is not fond of such horrendous kind of multitasking, the experience can be overwhelming.

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Singh is Bliing: Watch It If You Are a Fan of Akshay Kumar

Monday October 5th

After super success of 2008 venture “Singh is King”, Akshay Kumar is back again with another laughter mania “Singh is Bliing”. Having shades of the previous installment, this rom-com has its own story to tell the audience. Apart from a different story, the film features a different cast as Amy Jackson replaces Katrina Kaif in female lead, while Kay Kay Menon and Lara Dutta will be playing pivotal role.

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7 Romantic Wedding Ideas to Grace Your Marriage

Monday September 7th

url Wedding is one of the most romantic events in one’s life. The beauty of this beautiful relationship makes it a special moment for a couple. To make this event even special, couples seek many creative ideas to give a romantic feel to their wedding.

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6 Helpful Ways You Can Cheer Up Your Depressed Husband

Thursday August 6th

A man needs emotional and moral support of his wife whenever he feels down or gloomy. Men are egoistic beings who tend to hide their feelings even they are worried about something. So, if you feel that your spouse is feeling down after doing all the hard work, then he needs your emotional support.

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4 Small-Town Indian Actors Who Made It Big in Bollywood

Tuesday July 14th

The road to crown is walked through thorny bushes. And the saying is true even with our own Bollywood Stars. Let us see some Bollywood stars in today's Bollywood gossips that rose from common lads and lasses to the top notch actors:

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Are you becoming a Bridezilla?

Monday June 1st

Every bride wants things to be absolutely perfect on her wedding day, but if she suddenly turns into a monster complaining and throwing tantrums every few hours, then nobody is going to enjoy being near her, let alone enjoy being at the wedding. Remember you may be stressed out but that’s no excuse for treating people shabbily. BiWi has some great tips to stop you from becoming a dreaded bridezilla!

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Changes in a Woman’s Life: From Girlfriend to Wife

Friday May 29th

All married ladies know that life as a wife is so much more different from life as a girlfriend. Many of the changes that a woman experiences as a wife may have a negative effect on her married life. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go for marriage counseling, just read what we’ve got to say. BiWi shares marriage counseling tips for women who go from being girlfriend to wife.

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5 Bollywood Celebs who Married Divorced Women

Friday May 29th

Bollywood celebs have no reservations when it comes to their love life. Where affairs of the heart are concerned, they don’t take anything in account and well, that is one thing that we should learn from them. BiWi brings you the story of 5 Bollywood celebs who married divorced women.

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Marriage Advice: Don’t Marry These 5 Types of Guys!

Thursday May 28th

As a girl of marriageable age, you may have been getting many proposals and you may well be confused as to who to choose among all the eligible bachelors. Well, we’ll tell you who not to choose! BiWi shares great marriage advice! Don’t marry these 5 types of guys!

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Bridal Jewellery for an Indian Bride’s Hands and Arms

Thursday May 28th

An Indian bride is exquisitely decorated in bridal jewellery from head to foot on her wedding day. Just imagining the things that she wears on just her hands and arms is enough to leave us stunned. BiWi brings you bridal jewellery for an Indian bride’s hands and arms!

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