4 Small-Town Indian Actors Who Made It Big in Bollywood

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The road to crown is walked through thorny bushes. And the saying is true even with our own Bollywood Stars. Let us see some Bollywood stars in today’s Bollywood gossips that rose from common lads and lasses to the top notch actors:

1.    Nawazuddin Siddiqui
This is another actor who has a rare ability to give an intense performance. But only few people know about the past of this actor. He had a tough time growing up in a farmer’s family that hailed from a small village in UP. The mundane life was determined to capture him in the hassles of daily life but he was equally adamant to unleash his latent talent. He got himself admitted at NSD (National School of Drama) and eventually started getting small roles in the Bollywood, that too after a lot of struggle. He walked the road of thorns bare feet and when he completed the journey, the success welcomed him smiling.

2.    Manoj Bajpai
This is another actor who was born in a small village in Bihar’s Bettiah. He did his preliminary schooling there before being admitted to Delhi college. He was a born artist even coming to the Bollywood which drew his interest in performing arts. To properly shape his career as an actor he applied for a course at NSD and could you believe if we say that this “talented actor” was rejected by NSD? Undeterred, He kept on attempting several times only to face a rejection. With a long, windy road to success, today we can understand well that why he treasures his achievements.

3.    Boman Irani
This Parsi actor who is equally appreciated in comic professor-kind of roles (Munna Bhai MBBS) with bit of message (as in 3 Idiots) was a small-town photographer before joining the industry. He had experience of food and housekeeping as he worked as a room service boy at Hotel Taj and at the same time helped his mother at their shop selling various Bakery Items.

4.    Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan Who is famous for his iconic performance in parallel cinema and has won many accolades, actually hails from a small area in Jaipur. His family was into tyre business but he was not interested in carrying forward the legacy of his family any further. He studied hard and went uphill till M.A. when he developed a flair for acting that led him to NSD where he graduated in 1987. Life was not that easy but he was not too demanding either. Dramas, television etc. were sufficient to run his home. Gradually he started getting movies in Bollywood and Hollywood and the rest is history!

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