8 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

Posted on: February 25th, 2015 by Sunney Rajput 3 Comments

A break up is always a heart wrenching experience for both the partners, especially so if it’s a marriage break up. But, often, it’s difficult to realize that you’ve reached the point where working on the relationship is just pointless and it’s better to end it now. If you see all or most of these 8 signs in your relationship then know that your relationship is in trouble and it’s time to break up.

The relationship experts at BiWi have brought you 8 signs that will show you that your relationship is headed towards a break up.

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When your partner doesn’t contact you as often

If the number of text messages and phone calls you used to receive at the start of your relationship has decreased, that’s normal. It might be because your partner has a new job or a promotion. But if they have diminished significantly without any reason then our relationship experts feel that he or she may not be feeling the same kind of attraction and love any more. A break up might be looming ahead.

No response when you talk about your future plans

Is your significant other not interested in making future plans that involve the two of you? If so, then he or she clearly does not picture you in their future. Our relationship experts claim that this might be a good time to cut your losses and break up with them.

No more planning for outings together

Have your outings together almost become non-existent? Do you or your partner prefer to spend time alone or with your own group of friends instead of together? Our relationship experts say that this is a sure sign that you have reached the point of break up.


All couples fight, of course. But are you fighting dirty all the time now and targeting each other’s weak spots? If so, then our relationship experts think you need to take a step back and come to the conclusion that it is time to break up before you hurt each other further.


Fighting in public

Our relationship experts feel that a break up is a forgone conclusion if the two of you start fighting in public, hurling insults at each other. You’ve reached a point where you’ve lost respect for your partner and so it is useless to continue.


If you and your partner start keeping secrets from each other then our relationship experts claim that mistrust has crept into your relationship. If you can’t trust the other or you have a suspicion that your partner is withholding important information from you, then know that it is time to break up.

Wandering eyes

That’s the catalyst to many spats between couples, isn’t it? If you feel that your partner is eying other people or actively flirting with them then, our relationship experts advise you to not to put up with it. As we’re sure you’re aware that a break up is imminent.

When everything about him/her annoys you

If he/she is suddenly the most annoying person in the universe and you feel that you can’t stand them anymore then our relationship experts claim that you may be headed towards a break up.

Comment below to talk to our relationship experts if you are seeing any of these signs in your relationship and fear that your partner is going to break up with you.

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