Are you becoming a Bridezilla?

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Every bride wants things to be absolutely perfect on her wedding day, but if she suddenly turns into a monster complaining and throwing tantrums every few hours, then nobody is going to enjoy being near her, let alone enjoy being at the wedding. Remember you may be stressed out but that’s no excuse for treating people shabbily.

BiWi has some great tips to stop you from becoming a dreaded bridezilla!

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Demands, demands and more demands

Everybody knows you want things perfect on your big day but that doesn’t mean that every wish you utter will be fulfilled. We’re sure that your father and fiancé will do everything possible to see that you have everything but there are limits to your their wallets. Try to realize that some of the things that you are demanding may be useless or a waste of hard-earned money. Further on, try to be nice to all the people who help execute your wedding plans and run errands for you. You may be paying them a handsome amount and you expect everything to be done quickly and perfectly but do keep in mind that they’re not supermen. Mistakes will be made and you’ll have to deal with them.

Me, Myself and I

One of the early indicators of your turning into a bridezilla is the fact that you can’t stop talking about yourself and your wedding! Just listen to yourself! You may have nothing else on your mind except for your wedding preparations but others may be bored by your incessant chatter and boring stories. If something’s gone wrong, try to fix it instead of griping about it. If people suddenly start avoiding you and stop picking up your calls then know that you are now a certified bridezilla!

You’re angry all the time

And we thought that you wanted to have the best time of your life on your wedding day! If you’re so stressed out that you can’t differentiate between a joke and a serious comment one of your loved ones made then you need to take stock and think whether you have become the number # 1 horror! Remember that you want to look back on these days with happiness and we’re sure that you wouldn’t want to recall all the fights you had and all the rude words and arguments you shared with the people you love.

You have a specific plan in mind

All brides have a plan about how their wedding day is going to be. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you simply refuse to see reason and insist on your plan even when it is impossible then you should realize that you’ve become a bridezilla. Keep an open mind! Your plan might be good but there’s no harm in listening to someone else’s ideas too. Who knows, they’re idea may be better after all!

Were you a bridezilla at your wedding or are you in the process of becoming one? Tell us!

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