Changes in a Woman’s Life: From Girlfriend to Wife

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All married ladies know that life as a wife is so much more different from life as a girlfriend. Many of the changes that a woman experiences as a wife may have a negative effect on her married life. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go for marriage counseling, just read what we’ve got to say.

BiWi shares marriage counseling tips for women who go from being girlfriend to wife.

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High expectations

When a woman marries, she expects a ‘happily ever after’ and well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. But you do need to understand that your husband is not going to be available 24/7 to spend time with you and sometimes, he will not reply to your text messages as he used to when the two of you were dating. This is not because he doesn’t value you anymore but because he knows that he’ll be returning home to you in a few hours’ time and will be able to talk to you then.

Homemaking responsibilities

As a girlfriend, you didn’t have any household responsibilities towards your boyfriend and his family but after getting married, you may feel that that’s all you do all day. Before starting out in your marriage, have a realistic outlook that you will have to undertake these responsibilities so that you don’t get disappointed later on. But, on the other hand, don’t try to do the impossible and try to please everyone to prove to your husband’s family that you are the best choice for him. Do what is humanly possible otherwise you will start to feel resentful and your relationship with your husband will suffer.

Lack of communication

Remember how as a girlfriend you used to share everything with your man. Do the same now. If you’re bothered about how his family treats you or the fact that he doesn’t spend much time with you, then talk to him reasonably. You shouldn’t keep everything bottled up inside you but neither should you start throwing tantrums, nagging or blaming everyone but yourself.

Personal space

Marriage means living together and sharing your life with your loved one. But it doesn’t mean that one of you should smother the other. You will realize after you get married that your life is no longer as fancy-free as it used to be so both husband and wife should give each other some space to hang out with their own bunch of friends and do an activity on their own. This way neither of you will feel that you are chained to the other.


Yes, yes, we know it’s a sore spot with you. You may be accused of being a nag even if you politely point out that your husband’s days living in a pigsty are over. But, the thing is that if you have a go at him every time, he will eventually stop listening to you and you may end up having some of the worst fights of your relationship over small things like dirty socks. We’re not saying that you let him get away with it. By no means! Tell him that you need to have a serious talk with him, so no joking around. This will get you a better response then when you storm up to him, red in the face and dripping venom with your every word.

Do you know some other marriage counseling tips for women who go from being girlfriend to wife? Share with us!

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