Do You Need Marriage Counseling?

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For most of us, marriage is a life-long commitment, especially if there are children in the equation. Every couple faces problems and it’s better to talk with each other and resolve them. However, if you feel that talking together has only ever resulted in a fight then you need to ask yourself: do we need marriage counseling?

Our relationship experts, at BiWi, help you answer this question. Read on to make up your mind about whether you and your partner need to book an appointment to see a marriage counselor.

Do You Need Marriage Counseling?


Money issues

Money is one of the biggest reasons why couples seek marriage counseling. Partners who resort to snide remarks over money matters are facing a problem that needs solving with the help of a marriage counselor. If one of you feels that the other is uncomfortable about who makes more money and who spends more then you need marriage counseling. If you’re openly fighting about it then you need to see a marriage counselor ASAP!

Sharing a hobby

Sharing an activity that both of you enjoy cements your relationship. So if there is anything that the both of you do together, liking running, biking, watching the same TV programs, then you don’t need marriage counseling. But if you have different hobbies and different activities that you do with other people, so much so that you have very less time for each other, then you do need to sit down with a marriage counselor and sort things out.

Spending time apart

It’s okay if your husband wants to spend a night out with his friends. If you don’t nag him about catching a game or going fishing or camping with his friends then you both don’t need marriage counseling. However, if he is out late every night then, of course, you need to see a marriage counselor or maybe hire a private detective. Just saying…

Equal division of chores

Chores around the house often lead to marital dissatisfaction. If both of you have a day job then it’s better to divide the chores among you equally. If that’s how things work around your house then you don’t need marriage counseling. But if one partner is reluctant to do his/her part of the job and there’s a lot of grumbling involved, then you certainly need to see a marriage counselor, because one of you needs to have more respect for their partner and needs to shoulder more responsibilities.

Mess, messy, messiness

If one of you is a complete slob and the other keeps nagging non-stop, then you need to go for marriage counseling. And here we are not targeting just men; even women can be extremely disorganized, because hey, they have more stuff. If you’re fighting over the fact that one of you doesn’t pick up after themselves, then you should look for a good marriage counselor.


Perhaps the most important thing out of all is the trust factor. If one or both of you don’t trust the other and feel reluctant to confide in them then perhaps even marriage counseling would not be of any help. What’s the point of seeing a marriage counselor if one of you has repeatedly broken their partner’s trust. However, there may still be hope as there may be a small chance that there has been a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Don’t make a hasty decision, instead go for marriage counseling. With trust being such a delicate issue, a marriage counselor may help you bond again.

Talk to our relationship experts if you are facing marriage problems.


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