How to Deal with a Nagging Wife?

Posted on: March 31st, 2015 by Sunney Rajput 4 Comments

We’ve received dozens of emails from men asking us to write about how to deal with a nagging wife! So we decided to do all you men a favor! Here you go guys!

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BiWi has great advice on how to deal with a nagging wife.

Just do what she says!

You may not like to hear this but stop acting like a teenage boy and listen to what she’s saying! If your living habits are only a slight notch above those of a pig, then dude you really must do what she says or soon you won’t even have a wife, let alone a nagging one!

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Try distracting her…

If you really can’t bear all that she’s complaining about then try distracting her! Plan something nice and romantic for the evening, call her up from work and tell her to wear her best dress. You may be sure that there won’t be any nagging that night. However, this will only work for a short duration and we really can’t guarantee that she won’t be at it again the next day!

She might only be trying to get your attention, you dunderhead!

Have you checked your schedule lately? Are you working late, hanging out with your friends and not spending much time at home? If that’s so then you need to give your wife and your home more of your time and attention. There’s a good chance that she’s nagging just because she’s hurt by your lack of attention. So, be open and honest with her about how you spend your time. If things at work have been rough lately, which is why you have been spending so much time away, then tell her about it and promise to make it up to her as soon you can.

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Don’t be too touchy

You’re a man, so start acting like one! So what if she complained about one of your habits? Don’t be too sensitive and get all offended. If you think about it, you’ll realize that your mom also used to complain about these same habits of yours. Ask yourself; is the relationship important to you? If it is, then make an effort to change some of your worst habits!

If you promise, then you’d better deliver!

If you promised to change the light bulb, mow the lawn or take her out shopping but haven’t yet taken time out to do so, then you’re getting what you deserve! Her nagging is only going to intensify the longer you keep the work pending.

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Talk it out

Talking may be the only way to save your marriage from being ruined. If she’s complaining about something and you feel you can’t change, then talk with her. And remember, talk NOT argue. Tell her that you’re not perfect, but you’re willing to try. Also, if there is something about her that annoys you (other than the nagging), tell her about it. But don’t get into a blame game, no matter how much you’re provoked. If things still don’t work out, you might want to go for marriage counseling.

So, do you think any of these tips are helpful? Yes? No? Tell us why!

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