Marriage Advice: Don’t Marry These 5 Types of Guys!

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As a girl of marriageable age, you may have been getting many proposals and you may well be confused as to who to choose among all the eligible bachelors. Well, we’ll tell you who not to choose!

BiWi shares great marriage advice! Don’t marry these 5 types of guys!

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The Over-Possessive Guy

The kind who thinks you’re his property and so you should ask his permission before doing anything. Even then, he will be calling you every few hours just to check on you. If you are engaged to such a guy and he shows serious signs of being very concerned about where you go, who you go out with and how long you stay out, then consider yourself lucky that you aren’t married to him yet.

The Immature Guy

Sure, at first, you’re amused by his antics and he makes you laugh. You start thinking that life with him will be fun but do try to squeeze in a serious conversation with him and see how he responds. It’s great that he can make you laugh but does he have his priorities straight? Marriage is a huge step so does he know his responsibilities?

The Egoistic Guy

That’s the type of guy who will have a serious problem if his wife earns more than him. But how to tell that the guy you’re considering marrying may reveal himself to be an egoistic person later on? You can easily tell by this one clue: he thinks he’s always right. ALWAYS. Such a guy cannot admit his mistakes, so you shouldn’t ever expect him to apologize. Married life with an over-confident and arrogant guy like this is going to be very difficult.

The Messy Guy

Guys are messy, well what guy isn’t? And, in order to be politically correct, some women are too. But if he has the kind of mentality where he thinks that he’s bringing home a permanent maid then he should be avoided like the plague. Doing things for each other is a realistic part of being married but if he thinks that you’re the only one who’s going to do everything in this relationship then there is definitely something wrong with him.

The Mama’s Boy

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with loving your mother. In fact, a person who is close to his mother and respects her means that he respects women in general and will treat his wife with respect as well. That kind of guy is fine. You can marry him tomorrow if you like. But beware of those kinds of Mama’s boys who are completely dependent on their mothers and can’t make a single decision without asking their mothers first. If he starts telling you how his mother does everything just right, then you should start running and don’t look back!

Do you know any other type of guy that women shouldn’t marry? Share your marriage advice with us!

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