Why do Women Prefer to Date Older Men?

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We see so many couples, where the men are quite older than the women, and they seem to be perfectly happy with each other. Society may look down on such couples but there are good reasons for dating older men.

Young women, older men: BiWi unravels the mystery behind the reason why women prefer to date older men!

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Financial Security

We’re not saying that women dating older men are just doing it for the money, but it is a fact that older guys who have a steady job or their own business offer a more secure environment than their younger counterparts who are just starting to make their way in this world. And because they are more financially stable, older men usually have their own place.

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Stimulating Conversation

Older men are really interesting to talk to because they are well-read, have more experience and have seen more of the world. Also, they can carry on a conversation on many different topics instead of just cracking inappropriate jokes. In short, they won’t bore you with talk of their car, video games or about themselves.

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Women dating older men know how well-mannered they are. Older guys know how to treat women and they are always polite. We’re not saying that younger men are not respectful of women but they usually do not stand up when a woman leaves the table or pull out her chair.

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Women who like older men love the fact that they are more confident than younger men without being arrogant. The problem with younger men is that they either lack self-confidence or are too boastful and full of themselves.

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Ready to Commit

Women prefer to date older men because they are more inclined towards commitment and marriage. Younger men are usually looking for a good time and not a serious relationship, whereas older men are done playing the field and are ready to settle down.

Do you know any other reason why women prefer to date older men? Share it with us!

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