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Let BiWi Find a Life Partner for Your Parsi Matrimonial

Growing up in a Gujrati Parsi community means getting pampered and cuddled by your parents. This love continues even after you hit puberty when your parents become wary of your single status and want you to get married soon. So, they start the search of the best match for your Parsi matrimonial which often ends up in a circus of matchmaking. Finally, they select someone in desperation, knowing that you are getting over-aged. Unfortunately, sometimes this element of urgency results in unfortunate divorce. However, BiWi takes the burden off the fragile shoulders of your parents.

BiWi is a reliable online matchmaker facilitating Parsi parents to find would-be wife or would-be husband of their son or daughter. With our big Parsi community, you increase your chances of finding a future daughter-in-law or son-in-law for your Parsi matrimonial. Our registration is free of hassles and does not cost a penny and. Just log in today and find prospective matches.

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