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Seek Proposals of Urdu Speaking Community at BiWi

Urdu speaking persons makes up among the largest communities in Sub-continent. In India, there is a big chunk of Urdu speaking population awaiting marriage. Mostly, they belong to India and Pakistan where a portion of their population are Muslims. Among these Urdu speaking people, many reside outside their country, commonly known as foreigner Indians or NRI. Majority of these NRIs prefer getting married in their community and take services of a matchmaking service.

BiWi is a matchmaking service provider that helps local and NRIs to seek Urdu speaking marriage proposals in India and neighboring countries. Our big database of Urdu speaking community has eligible candidates seeking matching life partner in Urdu speaking community. Check out profiles of our members and you will be surprised by their huge numbers. It is likely that you find a person who might be a good candidate as your future wife/husband.

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